We showed we can compete with Stirling Uni and we have drawn

We showed we can compete with Stirling Uni and we have drawn

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buy canada goose jacket We failed to clear our lines properly and if you do that in the Lowland League you give the other team a problem.”We scored two goals but again there are chances we haven’t taken and it has cost canada goose expedition uk us. We’ve not managed the game correctly.”The positive is Whitehill didn’t win so nothing has changed at the bottom.”Star canada goose outlet toronto factory were given a boost midway through the first half when Matthew Burrows was sent off after an incident with Connor Graham.They made the most of their advantage before the hour mark as Graham’s shot was blocked but Scott Milligan scored the rebound.Dalbeattie Star boss wants points, not plaudits, after Lowland League defeat to Cumbernauld ColtsWith three minutes left they looked to have sealed three points when Ben Irving added the second.He said: “The way we played from 45 to canada goose uk reviews 90, we’ll need to play for the full 90 and whatever is added on if we are to even think about getting a point.”They played Stirling Uni the other week and it was the opposite to Saturday Stirling Uni were two goals up and only got a point. We showed we can compete with Stirling Uni and we have drawn twice with Kelty already this season.”There have been some canada goose outlet eu personal changes and management https://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org changes but they’ll still be looking to win the league, if not finish second.”. buy canada goose jacket

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