Paul Jumroon has agreed to pay $131,390

Paul Jumroon has agreed to pay $131,390

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high quality replica bags “I’m sorry for not doing everything above board and as I should have,” he said in the video. “We were thinking it would be a good opportunity for the cooks and thinking we would all replica bags manila come out good in the end.”Sentencing guidelines called for 46 to 57 months in prison, but Brown said she took into account Jumroon’s age, lack of a prior criminal history, that he accepted responsibility early for his crimes and is paying the victims full restitution for their losses.Paul Jumroon has agreed to pay $131,390.95 in restitution to four victims and $120,384 to the Internal Revenue Service for taxes due, for a total restitution of $251,774.95.When the sentencing hearing was done, the 55 year old walked over to his family members and thanked them for supporting him. His daughter, who is in medical school, broke down in tears, as her father wrapped his arms around her, repeatedly trying to assure her, “That’s OK. high quality replica bags

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