Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr

Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr

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uk canada goose If anything, it would be reducing the tax rate. But by the same token, and I think I speak factually here, this County Commission likes to spend money. And I have some degree of confidence that they probably want to add to the budget. Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.’s solo work has been the most consistent of the band’s side projects. He’s released four albums of effortlessly cool rock ‘n’ roll, most recently last year’s Francis Trouble. It’s a record that buzzes with the kind of timeless energy that satisfies melodic cravings and measures its worth on earnest songs like “Far Away Truths” and first wave reverb rockers like “ScreaMER.” It’s a fitting addition to Hammond Jr.’s discography, which began with his fantastic 2006 solo debut, Yours to Keep. uk canada goose

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