Until March 2017 she was on the Board of the Gambling and

Until March 2017 she was on the Board of the Gambling and

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canada goose coats She is co chair of the Canberra Gambling Reform Alliance and chair of the Gogetabout advisory board. Until March 2017 she was on the Board of the Gambling and Racing Commission, where she advised on the issues of harm minimisation and problem gambling. She is an active Greens member and in 2016 ran as an ACT Green’s candidate in the seat of Kurrajong.Prior to establishing her own consultancy business, Rebecca worked as the Deputy CEO at Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), a role that came after a long association canada goose langford uk with the Council of Social Service movement, serving on the Boards of ACOSS and the ACT Council buy canada goose jacket of Social Service. canada goose coats

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